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ECP Therapy, External Counterpulsation, was introduced in China in the 1950s. The benefits and the long-term affects started making rounds around the globe. Owing to the therapeutic advantages, the treatment gained popularity in the United States and other parts of the world over the last 10 years.

Every day thousands of patients are healed with ECP therapy for various health conditions. Health organizations and research centers are conducting tests and research studies to understand the effectiveness of ECP and EECP. Some of the recent studies on ECP Therapy include:

  • University of Pittsburgh medical center, USA, through its cardiovascular institute performed a test on 300+ patients suffering with LV dysfunction(35%). Studies were conducted for two years with ECP therapy to observe that on completion of therapy, more than 52% decrease in angina cases.
  • According to a research by RAP, Refractive Angio Pectoris, when over 20 patients were regularly and periodically treated with ECP, the patients physical and mental health improved notably .
  • Patients at Abhayamudra are all tracked to keep track of chronology of all the patients and their health condition.

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