Our Team

Dr. Karunanidhi


Dr. Harishankar in collaboration with Abhaya Mudra brings in value par excellence to clients. With rare integration of allopathy with Sidha treatment, Abhaya Mudra aims at enhancing and perfecting treatment to patients and helping them rediscover life.

Dr. G. Jagadish


Dr. Jagadesh is personally interested and learnt the latest techniques of orthopedics abroad about Spine, Limb Reconstruction, Total Knee Replacement, Total Hip Replacement, Arthroscopy etc.

Dr. Karunanidhi

Siddha Consultant

Dr. Karunanidhi is a Siddha practitioner with more than 45 years experience. His experience emcompasses pulse-reading, curative herbals, preparation of bahamas and sendhuraas, medical astrology, healing by mantras, and healing by meditation.

Mrs. Prathima


Mrs. Yarlagadda Prathima, Founder of Abhayamudra Wellness and Therapy Center, Chennai. At a young age , she started off with Sankranti Restaurant and went ahead with expanding to singapore.  Now she is thriving to provide a well benefitted health treatment through ECP, Siddha, Varmakalai and Yoga for the clients to feel energized and younger again. Hence, Abhayamdra is a home for all who want to keep themselves healthy and energetic and to live life to the fullest. 

Dr. Stephen Jairaj


Dr. Stephen Jairaj did his doctorate in acupuncture. He did his Ph.D with the subject Geopathic stress and holistic cure. He can accurately detect the level of five elements (pancha boothas) in a person using his intuitive power.  He is an expert in balancing the five elements  of an individual using the combination of minerals.

Mr. S. Ganesan


Mr. S. Ganesan, Parambarai Varma Siddha is a master in varmakalai for 15 years. Whose treatment is a combination of massage, alternative medicine, traditional yoga and martial arts. In which the body’s pressure points are manipulated to heal. The healing application called Vaidhya Murai is a part of Siddha medicine. 

Abhayamudra is focusing on these combinations of natural healing and also in making the guest feel completely energized.

Mr. Karthikeya

Yoga Master

Yoga Guru Karthikeyan started training in 2002. With more than fifteen years of experience in being a yoga guru, Karthikeyn has worked with numerous academic institutions, religious centres, welfare associations, NGO’s, and more. He has trained multiple students in India and outside like Singapore, Malaysia, and China. He has completed 200 hours of multi style yoga teacher training in Thavathiru Yoga Centre (RYS Yoga Alliance) in the year 2018. 

Mr. Ramesh


Ramesh Raja is an exclusively trained Holistic Health Program Director. His earthly methods of focuses on emphasizing on holistic well being – mind, body, emotions and spirits. Using his abilities, he creates an Holistic health lifestyle, considering all aspects of a person – body, mind, soul, and emotional stability, to create a healthy way of life in harmony with nature.


Ms. Lalithya


After understanding how the collaboration of ECP (External Counter Pulsation), Siddha supplements and Yoga works wonders for people who believes in “Prevention is Better than Cure”. She being a science student, took an interest to work at Abhayamudra Wellness and Therapy Center.

Mrs. Soniya

Chief Nurse

Mrs. Sony is the chief head nurse at Abhaya mudra wellness & Therapy Center, Chennai with an experience of 11 Years. She gained experience and knowledge with clinical experience for 8 years and teaching experience for 3 Years. She has a well-versed knowledge on ECP therapy as she worked as a cardiologist nurse.