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Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP) is a non- surgical outpatient procedure, hence the basic principle of EECP Therapy involves increasing the amount of blood returning to the heart from the pumping of the legs, which helps supply more oxygen to its starved areas. With more oxygen available, the heart can function much more efficiently and therefore can reduce chest pain.

How long does ECP Therapy take?

Once the guest undergoes a full body assessment, our in-house physicians analyse the assessment reports and create a full-course of EECP Treatment, uniquely designed for the guest, because no two guests are the same. For a standard guest, the full course includes five hours of EECP treatment in a week. This is divided into one to two hours sessions for seven weeks. The full course is on an average 35 hours of EECP Therapy treatment.

What happens to the guest during EECP Treatment?

Unlike surgeries and other complex methods, EECP therapy is comfortable and uncomplicated. We have guests that respond that EECP therapy is as pain free as a massage. During the treatment, the guest rests on a comfortable EECP machine, designed like a bed. Our trained nurses or EECP therapists, wraps cuffs (similar to blood pressure cuffs) around calves, thighs and hips. The cuffs are connected through hoses to the bed. ECG sensors are placed on the chest to measure the heart rate. Once the procedure starts, the guest experiences mild pressure in the areas of the cuffs, moving from calves to the hips. Inflation builds up pressure at the calves and deflation releases it. Each sequence of the inflation and deflation of the cuffs are synchronized with the guest’s heart beat.

During the treatment, the guest can relax and rest, or watch tv, listen to music, or even check his social media feeds. It is that simple. Each treatment lasts for an hour and the full course requires about 35 hours, i.e., seven weeks. However, we have experienced guests taking ten week courses due to the drastic improvement they observe in their overall health and lifestyle.

Step-by-step Process of EECP Therapy

Take a look at the step-by-step process of ECP Therapy below.

How does a guest respond to EECP Therapy?

While every guest is unique and treated with a unique nature, 98% of the guests responded that the EECP Therapy is life-changing. The treatment evidently improves heart functioning by improving the blood flow and decreases the stress and load on the heart. EECP therapy increased the pressure in the arteries of the limbs to result in the reduction of arterial stiffness. Studies also suggest that they found increased levels of angiogenesis, meaning formation of new blood vessels ensuring long-term benefits and affects.

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