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Modern Technology and how ancient therapies support.

Abhaya Mudra through its ECP (External Counter Pulsation), Siddha, and Varmakalai Therapies exemplify the Indian heritage of healing by combining ancient wisdom and modern technology. Our endeavors are defined by our continual connection with Siddha heritage expressed through healing techniques of Varamakalai, Siddha, Yoga, and the modern equipment of ECP. Our commitment to spread our service to all exudes our global humanitarian intentions. Our clientele are a global vibrant community without restrictions of caste, creed, and nationality. With Doctors and healers committed to the global community, aim at only harnessing spiritual values and healing without pain.

Our Aim

Establish an alternative cosmic healing centre free from surgical instruments and pain.

Once it was a distant dream for humankind to prevent diseases without pain and suffering. In the process Abhaya Mudra takes pride in establishing itself to be recognized for introducing a blend of ancient healing methods combined with modern techniques exclusively in Indian SubContinent.

Founder’s Message

Our Vision

Diligent dedication to the well being of every mind, body, and soul.

People are the most important assets in the world that contribute to the overall well-being of Mother Earth. With deep commitment, we are determined to deliver best at doing what we do and add value through our result driven training and adoption. Our superior understanding of patient needs help us carve products and treatments to fulfill their needs better and more accurately. We reckon on trust and transparency. We are intellectually honest in our doings to promote a business with high integrity all the while keeping our patients informed of the proposals in place and the risks involved. We always ensure the patient and his/her family is absolutely aware of the therapies, supplements, anything and everything we provide from Abhaya Mudra.

Our Mission

Establish Abhaya Mudra as a total Mind-Body-Soul brand, healing head to heel.

At Abhaya Mudra we respect and utilize every talent of our team. All therapies and supplements are developed to drive and adopt eco-friendly practices to support Mother Earth and reduce the toxic burden. We ensure that Abhaya Mudra strongly backs our promise to exceed the expectations of individuals and customers every single day and time. We yearn to harness our treatments to make lives better with wellness, trust, and health.

Our Amenities

Abhaya Mudra is a holistic place that converges ECP, Siddha, and Varmakalai therapies to balance internal energies and promote drug-less and pain-free healing and wellness. Abhaya Mudra offers conducive amenities to make client visits comfortable and pleasant. Be it a regular yoga session or an extensive ECP sitting, Addition of Yoga, Organic Vegitarain Food, Beach Walk. Abhaya Mudra will ensure clients always leave with no pain and more relaxed.


With the sounds of crashing waves and the serenity of Casuarina Drive, Abhaya Mudra offers a serene place for the therapies. A relaxing beach walk with gushing wave sounds and the meditative music around the facility, scientifically has proven to boost the healing process. Easy to access location gives clientele the advantage to visit as per need. Abhaya Mudra also supports pickup and drop from residence keeping in mind all clientele.


Healthy body houses a healthy mind. A diet that heals the body is sattvic in nature. Organically grown fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, milk, nuts, and seeds, are served depending on the client’s condition to expedite the healing process. Proper nourishment to the body with a strategic diet plan will not only heal faster, but encourage our clientele to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Supplements prescribed by our in-house doctors are customized and hand-crafted only after in-depth analysis of the client’s medical history. Offering delivery support of supplements through online channels and international delivery for any clients situated abroad is yet another way to show our commitment to our mission. 

Step into Abhaya Mudra, a beautiful place with abundant light and ventilation immediately lights up anyone who steps inside. Every inch of Abhaya Mudra is designed and exude positivity. 

Visit us today and experience a holistic approach to wellness and rejuvenation.