Dr. Harishankar


Avicenna, Father of Early Modern Medicine, said “A doctor should have the wisdom of a snake and the heart of a lion”. Along with possessing vast knowledge, Dr. Harishankar, embodies selflessness who goes beyond his call. Dr. Harishankar who served for more than 45 years has treated and healed more than twenty five lakh patients in and around India. Apart from being a doctor, Dr. Harishankar is a great humanitarian, offering help to the poor and needy that cannot afford expensive treatments and doctor appointments. 

Dr. Harishankar in collaboration with Abhaya Mudra brings in value par excellence to clients. With rare integration of allopathy with Sidha treatment, Abhaya Mudra aims at enhancing and perfecting treatment to patients and helping them rediscover life. Conglomeration of ancient vedas of Siddha therapy with modern science and techniques results in a splendid blend, accurate for every client, every single time. 

Dr. Harishankar has translated all his experiences into books that can help upcoming generations to understand medicine and the advantages of pain-free therapies. He believes that therapies such as EECP, Siddha, Varmakalai, all paired with yoga results in a holistic healing therapy for mind, body and soul.