Benefits Of Varmakalai!!!

Benefits of Varmakalai

Varmakalai, is a special treatment of Siddha medicine that activates the vital points in the body and replenishes the human body. This treatment is a martial art esoteric healing art that is battle tested. In ancient southern parts of India, Varmakalai was the major choice used to heal during wars. All the modern techniques that pride in suggesting pain free treatments such as acupressure, acupuncture, etc., are essentially derived from Varmakalai. Without realizing, we have been using Varmakalai in our lives everyday – tapping on the scalp while coughing, scratching on the head when confused, etc. All these actions are techniques passed on by our ancestors. Though we are untold of the reason, the habit remains to trickle down through generations.

Benefits of Varmakalai treatment include:

  • Strengthening of body and mind
  • Eliminate lifestyle occurring diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure fluctuations, etc.
  • Improved immune system to fight unknown viruses and diseases considered mysterious to the modern world
  • Delayed aging , tones skin, muscles and nerves
  • Improve muscle power and nutrition
  • Removes aches and body pains
  • Rejuvenates and increases fertility

Stimulating the nadis is an art dedicated for the Siddhars or the Varmaklai specialists or doctors and the pressure and the strength given to these vital points is of utmost significance. Treatment performed with half knowledge can lead to undesired pathological changes or diseases and sometimes can even lead to death. At Abhaya Mudra, all our doctors are specialized and treatments are performed with absolute precision.

While physical and mental benefits are tangible, the unaccounted spiritual benefit of Varmakalai is euphoric. Regular yoga combined with Varmakalai can help attain the super conscious state, where the Jeevatma meets the Paramatma.