5000 Years Old Wisdom for Health

The meaning of Siddha medicine loosely translates to Medicine that is Perfect. Medicines of Siddha Treatment refresh and rejuvenate the non-functioning organs responsible for the disease and balances the ration of the three doshas – Vatha, Pitha, and Kapha.

Diagnosis of diseases in


Siddha treatment relies on the diagnosis of eight elements to determine the ailment or illness. These elements are called astasthana-pariksa. It includes pulse, tongue, colours, voice, eyes, touch, stool, and urine.

Varied benefits of the Siddha System

They range mild cough, cold, and fever to postponing greying of hair, reducing blood pressure, to eliminating cancers. It promotes and educates a way of living that is in harmony with the natural laws, which can lead to a disease-free life.

  • Controls and eliminates chronic skin diseases such as psoriasis, etc.
  • Surgeries & pains can be avoided in many cases like cancer, prostate gland issues, spondylosis etc.
  • Diagnosis is mainly based on 8 fold assessment which does less expenditure unlike in Allopathic treatment
  • Ortho treatment with Siddha treatment has proven wonders in the case of arthritis, joint pains, knee replacement surgeries and many more
  • Renal issues, kidney stones, liver problems, neurological disorders, and more can be cured with siddha treatment and medicines
  • Cures anemia, peptic ulcers, rheumatism, and hemorrhoids

Methods followed by Siddha Treatment

The treatments of Siddha include three methods. The choice of the method depends on the condition of the guest and the disease.

  • Deva Maruthuvam, the divine method – In this method, medicines are prepared from mercury, sulphur, are used on the guests.
  • Maruthuvam, the rational method – In this method, medicines are prepared from herbs such as kudineer, vadagam, etc.
  • Asura Maruthuvam, the surgical method – Doctors and specialists resort to the surgical method in extreme cases. This method requires incision, excision, heat application, etc.

Siddha Medicines

Siddha treatment uses medicines made of vegetables, animals and mineral products. Combining medicines with treatment techniques consisting of 32 types of internal and external medicines each, cold and hot applications, ointments, potions and poultice, yoga, massage, diet, and altering lifestyle, are some of the methods followed for the treatment. Besides herbs, Siddha medicines are made of metals and minerals such as copper, silver, gold and others. Some medical conditions also require medicines extracted from animals. Every medicine is carefully crafted based on the guest’s health, the illness severity and many such factors. At times, guests are required to follow a specific diet to ensure the medicine affects the body in the right way.

Siddha doctors at Abhaya Mudra closely observe all the eight elements of the guest to create a special program for each guest to help fight illness and recover at the earliest to the best of health.

Embrace the power of the ancient medicines and treatment and transform to the best of yourself with Siddha Treatment.

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