Yoga Guru

Yoga Guru J Karthikeyan


Along with various other certifications won at various competitions here are a couple renowned certifications.

  • Yoga Samrat at Sree Annai Yoga Centre, Pollachi – 2005.
  • Sree Yoga Patanjali by All India Yoga Masters Association – 2017.
  • Yoga Kala Vibushan by Tamilnadu Yoga Sports Development Association – 2013.
  • Yogacharya by Sivananda Yoga, Kerela – 2005.

Karthikeya believes in the motto that ‘Yoga is a self medicine by itself to get cure from illness without any drug assistance’. Emphasis on yoga practices like asanas and pranayama enhances the self-realization process. The meditation practices like kriyas, bandas and mudhras act as an internal cleanser for the entire mind, body, and soul.

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