Facts Of Varmakalai!!!

Varmakalai is based on Varmam science. This science deals with multiple vital points in the human body connected by channels. These vital points in the body control the flow of pranic energy and equally distribute them to the meridians. Energy or the life force flows through these channels and enhances at the vital points or nadis. Discrepancies in the vital force can lead to illnesses and chronic imbalance can lead to diseases and permanent ailments.

Even with today’s advanced technology, scientists are unable to understand the nadi system and uncover the secrets that ancient sages in India scripted thousands of years ago. With the information available in the scriptures and literatures, Indian Varmakalai experts have succeeded in understanding the concepts and implementing the techniques for the betterment of human health – body, mind, and soul.

What is Varmakalai ?

Long ago it was discovered that the human body is surrounded by a bright light called the energy body that is invisible. The energy body has invisible channels called meridians/nadis through which ki or pranic energy or life force/prana flows and is distributed all over the body.

These nadis are interconnected at certain locations called vital points (Varmams). There are numerous such vital points, in the human body, that are interconnected by channels in a defined arrangement. These vital points in the body are centres that govern the flow of pranic energy through this nadi system. The life force flows through these channels and gets boosted at the said vital points.

It was discovered that there are 72,000 main nadis and 108 varma points responsible for a human’s longevity and overall health. Any impact to these vital points will disrupt the flow of vital force and any imbalance to this flow can cause diseases. The locations and actions of these 108 vital points were also described. Relief /cure is observed by stimulating these vital points, by the experts, to bring changes in energy flow. With the touch & pressure application by trained therapists the nadis and physical bodies get cleansed and purified. This science is called Varmakalai or the art of Vital points. The diagnostic and treatment methodologies are found written on palm leaf manuscripts. Science is yet to conclude the intricate Nadi system that regulates the flow of life force in the invisible energy body.

Varmakalai can be classified into four types.

  • Varmam – These include 96 key vital points that are not primary but affects a human by dysfunctioning organs, their movements and functions
  • Padu Varmam – These are crucial nadis that can lead to immediate death and can lead to adverse effects of a guest/victim
  • Thattu Varmam – These are decisive vital points that can be triggered only during aasan position and remain to be confidential. The knowledge is passed on to selected student/disciple based on their dedication
  • Nooku Varmam – The most important, and advanced vital points triggered by keenly concentrating on the targets. It takes years of practice to understand and become an expert.

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