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Epics dictate that Lord Shiva is the founder of the Siddha Treatment and He Himself passed it down to his dear disciple, Nandi.

Siddhars were the scientists of ancient days. The Siddhars, from Tamil land laid the foundation for Siddha system of medicine. They were spiritual sages who possessed the ashta siddhis. The great sage Agastyar or Agasthya, is believed to be the founder. Eighteen Siddhars are weighed to be significant. Siddha medicine is professed to revitalize and reactivate the unhealthy organs that cause the disease and to maintain the equilibrium of Dosha.

Sidhars explored the world and capitalized its natural resources for humankind. Their conclusions on the characteristics of plants, metals, minerals, and animal components; and their knowledge on these medicines, purification, processing, dosage, toxicity, antidote, and clinical application, were preserved on palm leaves for the use of future.



The physicians keenness and expertise provides an accurate diagnosis. The diagnosis, etiology, treatment, and prognosis is made by eight methods of examinations, i.e., pulse, skin, tongue, complexion, speech, eye, stools, and urine. Out of these eight, the examination of pulse is very important in substantiating the diagnosis.

Concept of

Siddha Treatment

According to the Siddha system, the individual is a manifestation of the universe. The five natural elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space, the three humors/doshas/forces –vatha, pitha, and kapha and seven physical constituents corresponds to the human body. The body constructs and builds with the food and gets accomplished into humors, tissues, and wastes.

Based on the concept of cosmic oneness, our five senses are said to be congeneric with the five elements.

  • Ether for hearing
  • Air for sense of touch
  • Fire for sight
  • Water for taste
  • Earth for the sense of smell

During every moment the three humors are in action through the elements of nature. Non harmony in these three doshas bring about diseases peculiar to their influence. The equilibrium of humors is considered as health and its disturbance or imbalance leads to a diseased state.

Herbs, minerals, and external applications like steam, cold, massage, mud bath, etc., as required are generally used to treat the disease. Further Purgative therapy, Steam therapy, Emetic therapy, Fasting therapy, oleation therapy, solar therapy, physical therapy, varma, hygiene , diet, and yoga therapy are also applied depending on the requirements.

Siddha system has numerous medicines and combinations containing vegetable, animal and mineral product. Treatment and techniques are many in use.

Kayakarpam, the purification process, brings back physical and subtle bodies into balance. This enables any degenerative conditions and achieves an optimal metabolic state for health and recovery. Precisely, Kayakarpam nourishes the Mind, Body, and Soul.

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