ECP Therapy

Change your life by enriching your heart. Rejoice life to the fullest and live your dreams with pain free ECP Therapy.

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Siddha Treatment

Harmonize with nature by harnessing the ancient treatment of the five natural elements and experience great absolute health.

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Varmakalai Therapy

Bask in the goodness of health and free mind. Get relieved of your aches & pains, and experience your best self.

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Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is designed to build strength, create awareness, and harmonise the mind, body and soul.

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Dr. Harishankar
Dr. Karunanidhi
Siddha Consultant
Dr. G. Jagadish

Avicenna, Father of Early Modern Medicine, said “A doctor should have the wisdom of a snake and the heart of a lion”. Along with possessing vast knowledge, Dr. Harishankar, embodies selflessness who goes beyond his call. Dr. Harishankar who served for more than 45 years has treated and healed more than twenty five lakh patients in and around India. Apart from being a doctor, Dr. Harishankar is a great humanitarian, offering help to the poor and needy that cannot afford expensive treatments and doctor appointments.

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About Abhayamudra

"Life is Precious. Good Health is Priceless"

Abhaya Mudra through its ECP (External Counterpulsation), Siddha, and Varmakalai Therapies exemplify the Indian heritage of healing by combining ancient wisdom and modern technology. Our endeavors are defined by our continual connection with Siddha heritage expressed through healing techniques of Varamakalai, Siddha, Yoga, and modern equipment of ECP. Our commitment to spread our service to all, exudes our global humanitarian intentions. With Doctors and healers committed to the global community, aim at only harnessing spiritual values and healing without pain.